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How Ayurvedic Doctors Can increase Patient footfall at their clinic

Ayurvedic Clinics and Integrated Hospitals are doing great in comparison to big corporate Hospitals these days.

If you Own/Manage a AyurvedicClinic, this article is for you. 

Mouth to Mouth publicity, pamplets, news paper ads are things of past now. TV advertising is expensive for small clinics/ Mid size Hospitals. So best way to communicate your presence these days is through Social Media. 

Young generation develop a view about a Doctor/Clinic/Hospital more often they see the setup doing great things in their set ups. So a great communication with the millennials and GenZs through social media is a must for now. This is call of the time.

Youngsters these days search google before visiting the Doctor about their availability schedule and also the reviews on google before visiting the clinic unlike earlier days when people use to rely on word of mouth. A troublesome experience in getting information about the Doctor/Clinic and then problems on booking appointments hinders patients footfall to a remarkable level. Netizens use bookmyshow for movie, makemytrip for hotel-flight etc and thus look for a platform for booking the Doctor as well.


What are the solutions?

  • Get a Strong Social Media Presence 
  • Get onboarded on a Good Digital Media platform that offers user friendly interface for information about the Doctor/Clinic and Booking prior appointments.



Any Platform to execute the above solutions?

Yes! Medimed Healthtech pvt ltd devised a mobile application called Medimed, which offers above solutions in most affordable and easy to use platforms.

What Medimed Offers?

You can onboard on Doctor Infomation-Booking Platform for free.

You get a Personalised Web Address where you can showcase your availability, take online booking. 
Next time someone ask you about your availability schedule, location etc you just share your web address and people find it easy to locate you, know you and book you. ( E.g. You may get for minor additional payment.

You get a personalised Digital Merketing assistant who assist you on How to increase awareness about your Practice/Clinic just for Rs 29/month. ( Additional Charges for Content Merketing, Affiliate Merketing etc)

We charge Rs 19 only per Doctor Booking takes thorough out platform.

We do social media campaigns about your Practice in your 3km radius for Rs. 75/day and you get a visibility from 3000-4000 people of the age group of your choice.

If your clinic has Medicine counter, we offer you a free platform to sell your products online and earn 10x extra medicine revenue.


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