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This kit prevents hair fall and enhance new hair growth. Kit is composed of following Ayurvedic Medicines: 1. Tab Keshkuntal (1 ph) 2. Oil Keshraksha (1Ph) 3. Amlaki Rashyan (1Ph) 4. Sampoo LUMIA (1Ph)

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Product Description

This kit is designed and developed by Renowned Ayurvedic Consultant of Assam, Dr. Mukul Sarma.

Who should use this Kit:

- Person having excessive hairfall

- Person who already had lost much of his hairs

Doses and Direction:

1.  Tab Keshkuntal

Sig: 2 Tablets twice daily

2. Oil Keshraksha

Sig: Apply on scalp thrice in a week at bedtime

3. Amlaki Rashayan

Sig: 5gm twice daily with Honey

4. Sampoo LUMIA

Sig: For washing hair thrice in a week