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Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenating gel. It bring back the Sexual satisfaction and pleasure after child birth. Revteen is the natural herbal solution without use of harmful chemicals.

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Product Description

It bring back the Sexual satisfaction and pleasure after child birth. It helps to boost collagen & elastin synthesis and by that tone up and rejuvinates the vagina. 

Product Feature:

EVTEEN GEL is a 100% natural female renewal gel that is quite powerful. It combats many of the problems that women encounter. It is a multipurpose gel which functions as  a vagina tighetening treatment, a vaginal dryness treatment and a female enhancement. Women often develop problems of loose or lax vagina, vaginal dryness, foul odour, hardening of vaginal muscle lining,reduced vaginal sensitivity, infrequent orgasms and frequent vaginal infections. Revteen gel is very effective for tightening of vagina. Along with tightening , it provides vaginal rejuvination, improves strength and grip in the Vagina, helps prevents infections, enhance natural lubrication, masks foul odour, improves blood circulation into vagina and keep vagina healthy.


  • Arjuna Extract
  • Rose Extract
  • Almond Oil
  • Vitamin E


Terminalia arjuna extract, Mesua Ferrea Extract, L-Arginine, Squalene, Rose Extract, Alum, Aloes, Woodfordia Fruticosa Extract, Almond Oil, Vitamin E Acetate.

Mechanisanism of Action:

Revteen Gel penetrate the skin and acts by removing dead cells and replacing them with newer cells. The astringent properties of ingrediants in the gel help in Tightening and Rejuvinating the vagina. Revteen gel help in improving blood flow to the vginal muscle, remove dead cells, enhance growth of new cells and provides natural moisturising effect. Contracting the vagina by constringent action improving the grip of the vagina by improving the strength of the  vaginal muscles and tissues Healing the internal wounds. revteen gel helps in preventing vaginal infections by maintaining an appropriate pH balance. The ingrediants in REVTEEN GEL uniquely can fight againist bectaruia, fungi and also protozosa which are commonly known to infect the vagina. Promoting attractive odour encouraging natural lunrication helping you to achieve orgasm more often delaying effects of ageing in the vagina.


  • Problems of loose vagina
  • vaginal dryness and lack of sexual arousal.
  • painful sexual intercourse

REVTEEN helps to get you complete youthfullness & make you feel like a young. It may help you bringing the vagina back into its original shape & fitness naturally.

How to Use it:

  • Wash your hands & clean the vagina with water
  • Take small amount(4-5gm) of Revteen Gel onto your finger tips.
  • Gently insert your finger into vagina and apply the gel inside the vagina in all directions.


There are no harmful effects known for use during pregnancy, but better not to be applied during advanced stages of pregnancy.

Manufactured in India by:

Xieon Life Science Pvt Ltd.

Hariyana, India

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Dubai, UAE

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